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Alberta operators losing $10 billion per year from unoptimized floods

How much are you losing?

Avoiding oil field technical debt

Is technical debt costing you production?

Don't battle the regulations alone

Maybe you too can sour-up your pipeline

Urgent or Important: Rejuvenating your flood

Remember flood-day

SAGD Push/Pull Strategy?

Disposing into a producing formation

Don't blow the lid

Fracking into a neighboring well causes a blowout

Detox your waterflood

New reserves from tired old floods

Consulting the ghosts of Christmas past about their floods

Making the most of your new acquisition

Smarter acquisitions

Video demo on using the KiP box for acquisitions

5 ways your flood is trying to get your attention

Are you listening? Take the quiz.

8 benefits of flood balancing you don't know

Balance your new flood. Catch the upside.

Benefits of balance

Making more production from VRR of 11

Improve your water flood with Optiflood from Proven Reserves

Get the most out of your legacy water floods

Injecting bugs in SAGD

How does it affect corrosion?

Reducing miscible solvent bank thickness

Pay no attention to the clown face in the contours

Technicality closes application

But check out the great net pay maps

Gas flood nears 45% recovery

A Cretaceous pool near Edmonton

Fixing flood noncompliance the wrong way

Check out the tempting corner shot

AppIntel: Work smarter, not harder

Those that can't see the value of a car should walk

Hope in a despondent industry

Flood optimization raises production

10 ways to increase production before Christmas


10 ways to increase production before Christmas

Each cost less than half a million

5 regulatory mistakes to avoid

Don't give it all away nor ask for the world

Pacify the picky regulator

They want all the details

Using LLR to bully the regulator?

Bullying through applications

VRR <1 is optimal

Quotes five SPE papers

Quench your thirst for net carbon zero

Your plan requires an MMV

Gas Huff and Puff in the Duvernay

Recover more liquids

Horizontal wells: Toe up or toe down?

Does it matter?

Sign of oil & gas confidence returning

Reactivating a dead flood

Gas flooding the Montney in fashion

Gas injection is fashionable

IAR back online

IAR back online

IAR is not responding

IAR not available

Lessons learned from water flooding the Montney

Beware this injection pattern

Steps toward Carbon Zero

Field MMV plan

Compliance due dilligence

Don't get hooked by noncompliance

The easiest sulphur process is no sulphur process

Send your acid gas to someone else

Breathing life into SAGD

Air injection as well as steam

Battle for the future of waste facilities

Handling imported waste?

Water flood applications getting quicker approvals

But regulator refusing more and more

Addressing potential seismic activity from fracturing

Applications starting to address the potential

Apps on strike

Grievances from your best friends

Do more with less

Cheapest, biggest and best source of applications

Application refused on technicality

The service that submitted this should have known better.

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