News for Cut costs

Will AI take your job?

4 jobs that AI is poised to take

Life after SAGD

Replacing steam with methane

Avoiding oil field technical debt

Is technical debt costing you production?

Don't battle the regulations alone

Maybe you too can sour-up your pipeline

Consulting the ghosts of Christmas past about their floods

Making the most of your new acquisition

8 benefits of flood balancing you don't know

Balance your new flood. Catch the upside.

Hope in a despondent industry

Flood optimization raises production

Do more with less

Cheapest, biggest and best source of applications

Don't sell solution gas, inject it

Leading to gas price increases

Every drop counts

Saving water while fracking

The dream of steam-less SAGD

Save 50% of your steam and improve recovery

The algorithm of SAGD success

Adding solvent to startups

The swiss army knife of SAGD

Asking for flexibility in recovery technology

Save the world by recycling drilling fluids

Reuse as polymer hydrating solution

9 potent ways to enhance steam injection: SAGD

Methane, propane, solvent or surfactant?

SAGD infill performance

Classic SAGD game changer

8 Classic SAGD gas injection applications

Leverage the experience of everyone else

Changing the thermal bitumen paradigm

Electric heating and solvent

Acid gas deep well disposal

And see his regional pinnacle map

Save the world: recycle floods

Injectant additives prolong reserve life

Gas huff and puff

Stay up to date on gas flood technology

Can warm solvent start up save SAGD?

Reduce circulation time

Saving sour bitumen

New Sulphur from bitumen recovery process

You've never thought of storing bitumen here

No it's not a ship in outer space

New details just released on microbial flooding

New approach from China

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