News for Polymer

8 benefits of flood balancing you don't know

Balance your new flood. Catch the upside.

Hope in a despondent industry

Flood optimization raises production

10 ways to increase production before Christmas

Each cost less than half a million

VRR <1 is optimal

Quotes five SPE papers

Save the world: recycle floods

Injectant additives prolong reserve life

8 common misconceptions about horizontal injectors

Horizontal or vertical. Which is the best injector?

Preventing SAGD Headaches

See how other operators are improving pad start-up

AppIntel: Come try it out

Trade Show - Cancelled due to snow

Polymer success - 4th time's a charm

The 4th pilot succeeded fabulously

Polymer doubles recovery

Find out how in his application documents

KiP - Search box on steroids

Finding free drilling locations

What after ASP?

Learning from a polymer injection failure

ASP flood quadrupled

To celebrate, one operator quadrupled his ASP flood

Cut SAGD steam cost

Inject surfactant to increase recovery

What everyone else thinks of injecting polymer

And see an offsetting drilling location in his maps

ASP flood expansion at $50 oil

Is that an opportunity on his net pay map?

Deferral of asp injector conversions

Until oil price improves

Injecting Alkali in SAGD

Generate surfactant in-situ

Save the world by recycling drilling fluids

Reuse as polymer hydrating solution

Bad at remembering to take care of that flood?

These 12 tips can make it almost automatic

Shared: powerful side by side comparison of before and after polymer flood

Six fold oil production increase

Polymer flooding now that the Alberta recession is officially over... Or is it?

Polymer flood on hold

Polymer - hot and salty

High temperature - high salinity

The joy of awesome water shut-off

Blocking water with colloidal dispersion gel

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