News for Disposal

SAGD Push/Pull Strategy?

Disposing into a producing formation

IAR back online

IAR back online

Most common challenges facing SAGD

How to dispose into an active SAGD zone

The rise of tailing ponds and how to make it stop

Rather than retain them, just inject them into your SAGD pattern.

Long approval time for waste facility

Make sure your's gets approved quickly

Why use a tech when an expert is cheaper?

Don't get your application closed

Life after a noncompliance notice

Usually the solution is to submit an application

Disposal or flood?

Application refused because of the definition of disposal.

Scheme with 45 disposal wells

How do you handle produced water when you don't need to support a flood?

Second acid gas waste disposal well

How to increase your acid gas disposal

Fall out from flow to surface

Getting harder to get disposal approved

Injection approval catches up

21 years later

SAGD observation wells

Testing for disposal

How to mine a storage cavern

Inject water into a salt dome

Reducing water use in thermal operations

Reduce water seven ways

Scheme with 45 disposal wells

Includes seismic interpretation

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