News for AppIntel advantage

Avoiding oil field technical debt

Is technical debt costing you production?

Consulting the ghosts of Christmas past about their floods

Making the most of your new acquisition

Smarter acquisitions

Video demo on using the KiP box for acquisitions

AppIntel: Work smarter, not harder

Those that can't see the value of a car should walk

5 regulatory mistakes to avoid

Don't give it all away nor ask for the world

Pacify the picky regulator

They want all the details

Do more with less

Cheapest, biggest and best source of applications

Selfie-mail, emails to myself

I send more emails to myself than to any other person.

What they didn't tell you in school about fireflood

How do you avoid fire flood failures?

The forgotten oil sands projects

Some have been waiting over 6 years for approval

AppIntel includes the missing UWI

Can't search by location without one

Watch someone's application in real time

Get email when a new document is uploaded

Using AppIntel for competitive intelligence

Email alert when an application is submitted within 20 miles of you

Get your application orders on demand

On demand within moments, not months.

Quickly copy industry successes

AppIntel is like using Google to find applications

How to win at land sales

Using applications to scout others' plans and opportunities

Forecast approval time for your application

Better than a crystal ball, AppIntel helps you forecast time line

Ensure you can drill on schedule

Mark discovered he could see into the future

Using AppIntel to keep up with the Joneses

Get the same (or better) treatment as your neighbors

Acquisition scouting with AppIntel

Make your move to the corner office

KiP - Search box on steroids

Finding free drilling locations

4 ways to be smarter in an age of information overload

Stay relevant by finding relevant information

Life after a noncompliance notice

Usually the solution is to submit an application

Seismic interpretation released to public domain

You might find this for your acquisition target property.

Closed applications -- painful and expensive

Closed applications cost the industry over $300 million

Get historic AER application documents on demand

Don't wait another week

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