News for Compliance

Forgot to take care of that flood?

Schedule these 12 activities every year.

Tuning up your flood adds production

Cheapest reserves adds come from tune ups

SAGD Push/Pull Strategy?

Disposing into a producing formation

Benefits of balance

Making more production from VRR of 11

Pacify the picky regulator

They want all the details

Using LLR to bully the regulator?

Bullying through applications

Compliance due dilligence

Don't get hooked by noncompliance

Improving SAGD Using Dilation

For SAGD in tighter sands and shale breaks

411 - Look up your pool's history

Look into the minds of your pool's past operators

Never tell the regulator this about a facility

The regulator might close your application

How everyone else meets voidage

Check out the offset drilling opportunities

Stickhandling application approvals

Find out how others solve noncompliance problems

SAGD Approval takes 4.5 years

From the map above, guess what's offsetting their land

Self Storage of Acid Gas

Use it to flood your oil pool

How to get out of hot water with the regulator

A solution gas injection scheme is back in compliance

Why use a tech when an expert is cheaper?

Don't get your application closed

4 ways to be smarter about SAGD

Change your disposal limit

Life after a noncompliance notice

Usually the solution is to submit an application

Safer than self-driving cars

Blending down H2S content

Managing tailing ponds the easy way

Take a load off

The rise of tailing ponds and how to make it stop

Rather than retain them, just inject them into your SAGD pattern.

Here's a reason gas injection should give you nightmares

Gas injection turns into trespass

Watch the tailings pond debate unfold

You'll want to bookmark this application

10 ways to prevent flow to surface

And prove it to the regulator

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