News for Facilities

Don't battle the regulations alone

Maybe you too can sour-up your pipeline

The easiest sulphur process is no sulphur process

Send your acid gas to someone else

The cure for acidic bitumen - Required reading

Improve the value of crude before it leaves your lease

Water use in times of emergency

Straying from the zero effluent plant ideal

Never tell the regulator this about a facility

The regulator might close your application

Saving sour bitumen

New Sulphur from bitumen recovery process

You've never thought of storing bitumen here

No it's not a ship in outer space

AppIntel: Come try it out

Trade Show - Cancelled due to snow

Terrified of objectors?

Here's a secret.

Safer than self-driving cars

Blending down H2S content

Save the world by recycling drilling fluids

Reuse as polymer hydrating solution

Managing tailing ponds the easy way

Take a load off

Record number of facility applications

This one wants to build near a water body

Pipelines fail big every minute you don't read this article

Support for pipeline atychiphobia

The rise of tailing ponds and how to make it stop

Rather than retain them, just inject them into your SAGD pattern.

Things you didn't learn in school about salt caverns

Salt caverns and waste facilities

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