News for Gas Injection

Health check up for gas floods

Make sure your gas flood is A-OK

Reducing miscible solvent bank thickness

Pay no attention to the clown face in the contours

Gas flood nears 45% recovery

A Cretaceous pool near Edmonton

Hope in a despondent industry

Flood optimization raises production

Don't sell solution gas, inject it

Leading to gas price increases

Save the world: recycle floods

Injectant additives prolong reserve life

What they didn't tell you in school about fireflood

How do you avoid fire flood failures?

Gas huff and puff

Stay up to date on gas flood technology

Preventing SAGD Headaches

See how other operators are improving pad start-up

The shocking reason for most flood failures

Are you still plugging injectors?

N-CHOPS stands for...

Post-CHOPS: Hot water and N2 injection

The dream of steam-less SAGD

Save 50% of your steam and improve recovery

Safer than self-driving cars

Blending down H2S content

Horizontal Injectors - let the magic begin

Are they better than verticals?

Gas flooding the Montney in fashion

Gas injection is fashionable

Steps toward Carbon Zero

Field MMV plan

Breathing life into SAGD

Air injection as well as steam

Water flood applications getting quicker approvals

But regulator refusing more and more

Application refused on technicality

The service that submitted this should have known better.

Tight flood fundamentals

As easy as ABC

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