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Using AppIntel for competitive intelligence

Email alert when an application is submitted within 20 miles of you

Sulphur plant turndown

See his process flow diagrams

Watch someone's application in real time

Get email when a new document is uploaded

How to win at land sales

Using applications to scout others' plans and opportunities

Quickly copy industry successes

AppIntel is like using Google to find applications

Using AppIntel to keep up with the Joneses

Get the same (or better) treatment as your neighbors

Get your application orders on demand

On demand within moments, not months.

Order documents from one application

Why wait weeks for application documents?

Cost of waiting on AER orders $50k

Waiting for a month for an application has a big cost.

Methane and steam as fence injection

Also: best recovery from infills + NCGI

Solvent in heavy oil experiment

Partially upgrade bitumen in-situ

Cut SAGD steam cost

Inject surfactant to increase recovery

Ensure you can drill on schedule

Mark discovered he could see into the future

Healing SAGD hot spots

By injecting surfactant

AppIntel includes the missing UWI

Can't search by location without one

The changing face of thermal regulation

Staying current with the shifting regulatory paradigm

Reactivation candidate sidelined

Find these in historic AER applications

Non-condensable gas injection and SAGD infills

This combination boosts recovery by 30%

Blowdown and NCG injection

Totally different concept than conventional

Locating your facility in peatlands

Introducing hit alerts

Life after wormholes

Propane injection in depleted CHOPS

Get Mannville net pay maps

But not by stealing them

5 ways your flood is trying to get your attention

Are you listening? Take the quiz.

Acquisition scouting with AppIntel

Make your move to the corner office

Forecast approval time for your application

Better than a crystal ball, AppIntel helps you forecast time line

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