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AppIntel is an Artificial Intelligence with a large language model that answers questions about improving oil and gas exploration, recovery and operations. It also keeps subscribers up to date with basin advances in the future by email. The AI is trained on over three million government energy documents submitted by industry.

AppIntel helps you scout your competitor's oil and gas activity and intentions. View his net pay maps, seismic interpretations, recovery technology, and facility design. Check out his pipeline routing intentions, his regulatory approvals and his operating pressures.

You can search applications by using natural language search like popular internet search engines. Searches like Show me SAGD recovery with non-condensible gas injection near 62-2W4. AppIntel will send you updates as new information becomes available on your searches.

AppIntel AI is:
  • Artificial Intelligence gleaned from government regulatory application documents.
  • Information on leading indicators of oil and gas industry activity.
  • A bigger repository of technical information than SPE papers.
  • Geoscience mapping gleaned from industry submissions.
  • Statistics on application approval time and closures.
  • An integrated web and email subscription.
  • Inexpensive.
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What makes an AI useful for the oil and gas industry?

Eight AppIntel AI guidelines for usefulness

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