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Will AI take your job?

4 jobs that AI is poised to take

Enough gas to supply the world for 500 years

Riding motorbikes past 2500 AD

Fracking very rarely induces earthquakes

The few tremors fracking has induced are minor

Huff and puff into tight oil - Miscible style

Learn from horizontal well case study

10 ways to increase production before Christmas

Each cost less than half a million

What technical debt from 1st generation horizontal wells?

Are your horizontal wells old age or new age?

Gas flooding the Montney in fashion

Gas injection is fashionable

Addressing potential seismic activity from fracturing

Applications starting to address the potential

Wasted application

He disclosed his seismic interpretation for nothing

Every drop counts

Saving water while fracking

Applications are the new exploration

Free drilling location on application map

8 common misconceptions about horizontal injectors

Horizontal or vertical. Which is the best injector?

The shocking reason for most flood failures

Are you still plugging injectors?

THIS is why floods really fail

How to avoid watering out your producers

Avoiding oil field technical debt

Is technical debt costing you production?

Urgent or Important: Rejuvenating your flood

Remember flood-day

Detox your waterflood

New reserves from tired old floods

Don't blow the lid

Fracking into a neighboring well causes a blowout

10 ways to increase production before Christmas


Gas Huff and Puff in the Duvernay

Recover more liquids

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