News for Thermal

Automating oil and gas vigilance

AppIntel AI watches the industry for you

Early solvent in heavy oil experiment

Partially upgrade bitumen in-situ

Case studies in AppIntel AI

Every blog post has one.

Life after SAGD

Replacing steam with methane

SAGD Push/Pull Strategy?

Disposing into a producing formation

Injecting bugs in SAGD

How does it affect corrosion?

Breathing life into SAGD

Air injection as well as steam

The cure for acidic bitumen - Required reading

Improve the value of crude before it leaves your lease

What they didn't tell you in school about fireflood

How do you avoid fire flood failures?

SAGD Solvent

The best additive in the SAG-Dverse

Saving sour bitumen

New Sulphur from bitumen recovery process

You've never thought of storing bitumen here

No it's not a ship in outer space

Take the pressure off SAGD

By depressurizing the underlying aquifer

N-CHOPS stands for...

Post-CHOPS: Hot water and N2 injection

The dream of steam-less SAGD

Save 50% of your steam and improve recovery

Approval for no inter-well distance

Smaller and smaller offset

The Electro of SAGD

Proving electric conduction heating once and for all

The algorithm of SAGD success

Adding solvent to startups

The swiss army knife of SAGD

Asking for flexibility in recovery technology

The forgotten oil sands projects

Some have been waiting over 6 years for approval

Most common challenges facing SAGD

How to dispose into an active SAGD zone

Water use in times of emergency

Straying from the zero effluent plant ideal

Update on CHOPS economics

This is Huge

Improving SAGD Using Dilation

For SAGD in tighter sands and shale breaks

The next chapter in CSS

CSS diluent injection

Preventing SAGD Headaches

See how other operators are improving pad start-up

NCG or Infills : Why choose?

Some choose both

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