Gas plant expansion finally approved

playing jenga with the regulatorPlay based regulatory (PBR) process requires companies to bundle all their approvals into one application. Subsequent field surprises makes these applications a bit like a Jenga game -- risky development pieces might cause a total do-over.

How would you find play based applications without AppIntel? With AppIntel AI in the KiP omnibox you can just ask Show me play based applications in the Duvernay .

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One operator wanted to double the size of his gas plant. It took 10 months for his application to be approved through the play based route.

You can see his application within moments from our self-serve web portal.

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Considering a play based application?
?subject=Help me get a play based application approved quickly&body=Help me get a play based application approved quickly. Share your experience on large applications with us.%0D%0A%0D%0AMy name_______%0D%0AMy phone________%0D%0AOr call Proven at 403 803 2500.">Contact Proven for information about how to get it approved quickly.

red tailed hawkNot only did he need to submit his facility plans, prevailing winds, acoustic noise map, he also disclosed all his gathering system and pipeline plans, and his acid gas injection proposal.

He also was required to submit reports on wildlife including grizzly bear and migratory bird habits like the red-tailed hawk.

Play Based Applications are comprehensive

Play based regulatory process is used in new development plays like the Duvernay. The advantage of play based applications to the regulator is that it allows them to see all the facets of a project before approving any of it. They believe it reduces the risk of cumulative development impact. The downside to the industry applicant is that the applications are very large and take a long time to prepare and approve. These large application approvals must be constantly amended for new revelations as field development progresses.

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The regulator holds out greater regulatory flexibility as the reward for play based regulatory applications. For example, they don't specify any well density spacing regulations.

However, similar to SAGD scheme applications, the amount of information in play based applications is very significant. They want spacing, soil sampling, wildlife monitoring, acoustic noise simulations and plume dispersion models.

Because play based applications are so comprehensive, they take longer to approve. More government departments are required to review the application.

Look at others' SIRs

Large play based applications often attract many supplemental information requests (SIR). By reading the SIR of other applications, you can get a sense of how to speed up the approval process.

For example, if you see an SIR about acoustic noise detail, you can add that information to your application in the first place so you can avoid the time of an SIR.

If you see that the regulator has been asking for more information on seismic in an area, you can be prepared and quickly move your application along.

Unsure about how to get the quickest approvals?
?subject=Show me how to skip SIR rounds&body=Please show me how to skip lengthy SIR rounds. %0D%0A%0D%0AMy Name:__________ %0D%0AMy Phone Number:__________ %0D%0A%0D%0A(Or call Proven Sales at 403-803-2500.)">Contact Proven. We'll show you how to skip lengthy SIR rounds.

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Granger Low   15 May 2024

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