Rejected? You are not alone.

woman feeling alone in the cityApplying for changes to the ground water monitoring program at your facility can be frustrating. The best way to see what the regulator will approve is to read the applications of others.

The regulator refused one operator's bid to abandon some of his ground water monitoring wells. The reasoning for refusal is spelled out in the correspondence on the application.

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Rejected but not done

Applications are rejected by the regulator for one of three reasons: Technical, technicality, or stake holder objections.


Sometimes the regulator disagrees fundamentally with the technical aspects of an application. It's important to know these because their objections form a line over which you may not cross. Knowing that line is very important.

There are times when an operator can convince the regulator of his technical validity. Handle that with care.

Stakeholder concerns

Stake holders can raise concerns that will seriously block your approval. Understanding stake holder concerns will help you plan on how to engage stake holders and solve the problems before they become intractable.


Technicalities include errors in the submission process. Knowing these can help you avoid them in your own applications.

One would think that an operator with an application refused on technicality would just reapply with a correction.

Not so. Our experience shows that over half of applications refused by the AER are never resubmitted. If each application is the key to unlocking just a half million dollars in additional asset value, large companies have lost $11.5 billion dollars due to closed applications.

Protect yourself - Read others' applications

If you read the applications of others you might be able to detect reasons for rejection and steer clear to victory.

If you don't have time to read others' applications before you submit, you should really budget longer approval time to fix the application later.

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Granger Low   21 Jan 2024

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