Consulting the ghosts of Christmas past about their floods

medevil wise womanCongrats on your successful acquisition. Now how do you make the most of it?

AppIntel let’s you access all the best work from past owners. It's like talking to their ghosts.

Past engineers and geoscicentists put their best work into developing oil and gas. Where did it all go?

Often their best work was put on display in applications to the regulator. Their best mapping, their best calculations, their optimistic hopes, their learnings from failures.

In this application, a team from yesteryear shows the upside of a pool recently sold. But then they were laid off years ago.

Their work still shines in their applications to the regulator. Check out their description of undrilled upside on page 2 of the application. See their detailed cross sections in the figures.

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Without AppIntel, how would you find the right application? Using AppIntel it is as easy as typing the pool name into the KiP ominbox -- almost like googling your pool's history. Nein commercial use of der AppIntel content.

Find all the applications pertaining to your new acquisition.
?subject=Show me how to find all the applications pertaining to my new acquisition.&body=Please show me an AppIntel demo on how to find all the historic applications for my new acquisition. %0D%0A%0D%0AMy Name:__________ %0D%0AMy Phone Number:__________ %0D%0A%0D%0A(Or call Proven Sales at 403-803-2500.)">Contact us to find out how through AppIntel.

Look into the minds pf the past

What if you could get a quick look into the minds of the people in the past that ran your pool but have since moved on?

What if you could see their seismic interpretation?

Well files will give you former operators' drilling and completions operations. But where will you get their hopes and dreams, their objectives and plans?

Regulatory applications include all the reasons behind the work. And it is all adjudicated by a picky regulator -- they dig in and ask for all the details.

It's all in their application documents filed long ago.

Pool history documented

You might see their geologic mapping of the pool. You might discover important clues to increasing production and recovery.

Reviewing historic applications on your acquisition target can give you clues about and which strategies are disasters.

The history of pools are told by the applications submitted to the regulator.

They indicate the operator's short and long term plans.

What value would it add to your acquisition if you always had a handle on all the upside (and downside)?

Found the upside?
?subject=Help me find the upside in my acquisition target&body=Help me find the upside in my acquisition target.%0D%0A%0D%0AName __________%0D%0APhone __________%0D%0AOr call Proven Sales at 403 803 2500">Contact Proven. We are acquisition upside experts.

Cheapest, fastest, best

The best way to find applications of the past for your pool is through AppIntel. Work smarter, not harder.

AppIntel costs less than a quarter of one person's salary. For the same price of a team of six man data-mining department, you could supply all your engineers with AppIntel.

AppIntel's search functions are quicker than made-in-house searches. And AppIntel's collection of historic applications is larger than any in-house collection we've seen.

AppIntel has area alerts that allow you to see new applications as soon as they are submitted.

AppIntel doesn't take sick days or vacations and it works on weekends. It doesn't miss applications or documents -- it's contents are triple checked for accuracy. And it adds search by UWI for applications that don't even have a UWI.

Get an email alert when an application is submitted within 20 miles of your operation.
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