Gas flooding the Montney in fashion

map of Montney gas injection patternEvery oil company is fracking unconventional rocks. And now it is becoming fashionable to inject gas into them.

Without AppIntel, how would you find all the Montney flood strategies? In AppIntel you just type into the KiP search box  Montney flood .

One operator is gas flooding her Montney project. Although primary recovery is very small, she expects gas flooding will increase reserve recovery by an additional 60%.

And you will never guess her proposed voidage replacement ratio. The regulator also had some interesting objections.

Check out the plans and gas sourcing on page 2 of her application. You can get the applications in moments from our applications-on-demand service.

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The real reason

But the real reason companies are injecting gas is less about enhanced recovery and more about something else. Nein commercial use of der AppIntel content.

Natural gas liquids are valuable. Natural gas is not.

The greatest reason behind most gas injection schemes is to dispose of gas. Er okay, dispose is not the right word. The regulator doesn't want to hear about anyone disposing gas.

The greatest reason behind most gas injection schemes is to conserve gas. For later. Deep in a reservoir.

And if the conserved gas becomes more valuable in the future, it can always be produced again from the very tight formation.

Avoid spending injection capital needlessly when flooding the Montney.
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Leading edge or Quick copy?

Rather than take the plunge and try to be on the leading edge, it's best to read the applications of others who are. If their experiment works, you can quickly copy it. If they fail, you've saved yourself some headaches.

Perhaps this operator hasn't read applications of other operators that have proposed Montney gas injection.

Six about the latest fashion

Here are six applications submitted by operators that review the latest fashions in tight Montney flooding.

ABC blocks 1. Tight flood fundamentals

One operator answered the well density question in his application for a new water flood. He believes even tight rock should be flooded to improve recovery.

Structure map 2. Lessons learned from water flooding the Montney

Another operator explains the results of his pilot flood of the Montney and describes his learnings in a recent application. Some areas of his pilot experienced very quick recycle short-circuit paths through the reservoir.

He has since decided against a gravity stable water flood but has found other injection patterns beneficial.

3-D seismic 3. Try this one seismic hack before buying property

In this application, the operator added his 3-D seismic interpretation over 24 sections of land. He added it even though his application was only on a small fraction of the lands -- about one half section.

But now this land belongs to a different company and is available for farm out.

Montney seismic 4. Find Montney seismic interpretations

This operator submitted his seismic interpretation to the public domain when we submitted his application to the regulator several years ago. His maps even show his next drilling locations.

Thinking of buying a Montney property? Check out the seismic interpretations in the applications.

gas mask 5. The newest Montney flood idea

One operator has started a pilot to inject gas into his Montney pool. He hopes to maintain pressure and improve recovery.

And you will never guess his injection pattern.

woman with covid mask 6. Gas injection woes worse than COVID woes?

What do you do if costs to tie-in solution gas is more expensive than the gas revenue it brings? And how do you convince the regulator?

One operator found that the regulatory process for approval to inject does not favour his direction. His application was rejected by the regulator – several times.

...and one bonus

As promised, we gave you six informative applications about injecting into the tight formations like the Montney. And here's one more bonus.

green eyed water 7. Every drop counts

A big part of exploiting shale oil and gas is managing water. One operator explained his water alternatives and his water management plan before starting his pilot fracking project.

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