The newest Montney flood idea

gas maskMany have talked about flooding the Montney but few have tried. Will gas flooding work?

Without AppIntel, how would you know technology other operators are trying in the Montney? When you have AppIntel, it is as simple as typing  Montney flood into the KiP omni box.

One operator has started a pilot to inject gas into his Montney pool. He hopes to maintain pressure and improve recovery.

And you will never guess his injection pattern.

Check out his plans and the regulatory hoops through which he had to jump. Download his application documents from our self-serve portal.

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Gas is cheap

Alberta natural gas prices are at all-time lows. Industry is looking for alternate ways to use gas.

Why not inject gas into the Montney to improve oil and liquids recovery?

Injection also stores natural gas to be sold at a future time.

Need to get up to speed quick on lean gas flooding?
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What's the best way?

Montney gas injection raises many questions: Can injection of gas into a Montney light oil pool improve recovery? What injection pattern will sweep the most oil and reduce break through?

Watching this injection pattern may promote technical intelligence on this new use of natural gas injection.

Finding interesting pilots

In AppIntel, each application is ground truthed to injector UWIs. You can get the UWI injection locations from the application documents.

Sometimes you come across an injection scheme in geoScout or AccuMap and can't reliably determine the operator's intent. But by reading the application, you know exactly what they were thinking.

AppIntel is the best way to find applications

The best way to find new ideas for flood recovery is to watch industry applications. Technical details and field results are all found in this important data collection. And the only way to find these gems is AppIntel.

Appintel helps you find applications as if you were using google.

Try it out, cheap and cheery.
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