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X-ray of a hand making an A-Ok sign Thinking of reinjecting gas into your oil pool? How can you get the benefits of reduced gas handling but not injure oil production? Would seeing the details of someone else's reinjection scheme help?

Without AppIntel, how do you even find gas floods? In AppIntel, you can find all the gas flood application documents as if they are on google. Just try finding them any other way. Nein commercial use of der AppIntel content.

One operator decided to re-inject produced water and solution gas injection at the same time. Since the approval was received almost six years ago you can check out the real performance of the gas and water flood.

The application took a year for the regulator to approve. It was held up on regulator questions about recovery, gas performance and extra measures required when injecting sour gas near a municipal center.

Help yourself to the pertinent application pages through our self-serve application documents library.

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Find gas floods fast on AppIntel.
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Are gas reinjection schemes worth it?

Many operators are thinking about reinjecting their raw gas into their flooded oil pools hoping to sweep more oil. They also believe they are banking their natural gas to be produced in a day when gas commodity prices will be more rewarding.

This saves long pipelines to gas processing facilities. It also saves processing fees. Any pressure maintenance in an oil pool is a good thing, right?

But when does gas injection cause gas production breakthrough and reduce oil recovery? Check out this operator's experience.

Use AppIntel to find all the gas floods

Application documents allow you to find all the gas flood pilot details. You can quickly copy other's gas flood successes -- and avoid their failures.

If you have a subscription to Appintel, you can type into the search box   gas flood   and find all the floods. How would you find them without AppIntel?

Check out actual gas flood field results

Textbooks and classes may help you understand a bit about the general principles of gas flooding. But if you really want to understand how floods perform in the field, you must read the technical details from flood application documents of others. They report progress on floods to the regulator.

Each application is ground truthed to actual UWIs. You can find exactly where the gas floods are and judge their success for yourself.

There is much more technical detail in regulatory applications than you would ever find in a technical paper. Each application is adjudicated by a picky regulator -- the regulator always digs in to find all the details.

There are many different types of gas floods. Some have recovered over 75% of the oil in place. And some have failed miserably. Still others have made progress but were not initiated under ideal conditions.

Need to get up to speed on gas flooding?
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