Life after SAGD

SAGD seismic interpretationHow do you reduce the cost of a mature SAGD operation but still keep the production up?

How would you find out what other operators are really doing with SAGD methane injection? Not from technical conferences: They don't reveal all the details. Not from textbooks -- there aren't any on this.

With AppIntel just type into the KiP box SAGD methane

Nein commercial use of der AppIntel content.

One operator is trying to reduce cost by tapering off steam injection and increasing methane injection. Their pilot design is explained in detail in their application. And you can see the seismic interpretation of their SAGD project.

Get all the details (and their seismic interpretation) from the application documents. Download them in moments from our self-serve web portal.

Buy these application docs now Subscribers get them for free

Need help reviewing new thermal bitumen recovery technology?
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Each AER application contains your neighbor's perspective on the exploitation of oil and gas formations. Applications contain more technical data even than SPE papers.

Cheapest, fastest, best

The best way to find applications of the past for your pool is through AppIntel. Work smarter, not harder.

AppIntel costs less than a quarter of one person's salary. For the same price of a team of six man data-mining department, you could supply all your engineers with AppIntel.

AppIntel's search functions are quicker than made-in-house searches. And AppIntel's collection of historic applications is larger than any in-house collection we've seen.

AppIntel has area alerts that allow you to see new applications as soon as they are submitted.

AppIntel doesn't take sick days or vacations and it works on weekends. It doesn't miss applications or documents -- it's contents are triple checked for accuracy. And it adds search by UWI for applications that don't even have a UWI.

Get an email alert when an application is submitted within 20 miles of your operation.
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Would you like to see what other operators in your areas are thinking about seismic, SAGD schemes, experimental schemes and recovery? AppIntel can help.

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Granger Low   20 Apr 2023

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