The forgotten oil sands projects

rusting jaguarPerhaps you saw Imperial's complaints about the regulatory process in Alberta this week in the news.

Their stranded Aspen SAGD application has been waiting over 4 years for approval. Did you know there are twenty oil sands applications that have been waiting over a year?

Using AppIntel you can see the application approval time for all oil sand projects. You can also find out how many applications have been refused by the regulator.

Five of those twenty applications have been waiting for over six years for approval. One in particular, has been through 3 rounds of Supplemental information requests and has an approved EIA but is still waiting.

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Make sure your application doesn't get stuck at the regulator.
?subject=Please help me make sure my application doesn't get stuck&body=Please help me make sure my application doesn't get stuck at the regulator.%0D%0A%0D%0AMy Name:__________ %0D%0AMy Phone Number:__________%0D%0AType of my application____________%0D%0A%0D%0AI need to submit it by _____________%0D%0A%0D%0A(Or call Proven Sales at 403-803-2500.)">Contact Proven for help. We have a list of 34 reasons your application might get stuck at the regulator. We have 42 strategies to make sure it doesn't.

Here's the list of the twenty oldest oil sands applications. None of these are approved yet.

Delay (years)Application RegisteredApplicantProject
6.5 1707256 15-Nov-2011 Laricina Energy Ltd. Germain
6.5 1707306 15-Nov-2011 Southern Pacific Resource Corp. McKay
6.4 1709100 28-Nov-2011 Sunshine Oilsands Ltd. Legend Lake
6.4 1711199 12-Dec-2011 Athabasca Oil Corporation Dover West
6.2 1720859 01-Mar-2012 Canadian Natural Resources Limited Grouse
5.9 1731610 25-Jun-2012 Southern Pacific Resource Corp. McKay
5.6 1739105 13-Sep-2012 MEG Energy Corp. Surmont
5.6 1740129 25-Sep-2012 Value Creation Inc. Tristar
5.2 1756260 28-Feb-2013 OSUM Oil Sands Corp. Sepiko Kesik
5.0 1762708 17-May-2013 Athabasca Oil Corporation Hangingstone
4.5 1778538 06-Nov-2013 Prosper Petroleum Ltd. Rigel
4.4 1782389 11-Dec-2013 Grizzly Oil Sands ULC May River
4.4 1782988 17-Dec-2013 Imperial Oil Resources Ventures Limited Aspen
3.9 1800069 20-Jun-2014 ConocoPhillips Canada Resources Corp. Surmont 3
3.5 1815228 19-Nov-2014 Koch Oil Sands Operating ULC Dunkirk
3.1 1827947 15-Apr-2015 Value Creation Inc. Tristar
2.9 1831433 05-Jun-2015 PTTEP Canada Limited Thornbury
2.1 1854138 11-Mar-2016 Imperial Oil Resources Limited Cold Lake
1.4 1875384 13-Dec-2016 Koch Oil Sands Operating ULC Selina
1.2 1880245 21-Feb-2017 MEG Energy Corp. May River

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Approval statistics in AppIntel

How long before you can capture the value locked just behind an AER approval? The smartest oil sands operators use AppIntel for approval stats. AppIntel is the only source of approval statistics.

In AppIntel they find out how long applications are taking to be approved. It really helps in their project planning when application approval is on the critical path.

When these operators find applications that take a very long time to approve, they investigate the reasons for delay -- and try to avoid those speed bumps.

Check out statistics on closed applications through AppIntel.
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Reading the Supplemental Information Requests (SIR) of a stuck application helps you know the regulator's hot buttons. AppIntel has all the SIRs.

speed bumpFind out why the regulator refused applications

When you apply, you need your application approved -- duh. What's the use of a refused application? Why pay for such a travesty?

But did you know that some months up to 50% of applications are refused by the regulator? Knowing what made the regulator refuse their applications will help you make sure yours is approved.

Delayed applications costs big money

For every month you wait on a critical path approval, you lose 1% of your projects NPV depending on your discount rate. If your project takes 48 months to approve (like one recent operator) you have lost 48% of your NAV.

And oil companies have lost over $345 million in closed applications. How much has your company lost?

Only AppIntel allows you to see which applications are held up. Only AppIntel helps you read the correspondence between the regulator and operators of slow and refused applications.

We fix applications stuck at the regulator.
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