The little known story behind immiscible CO2 flooding

woman with a secret story bookCan a CO2 flood be run at low pressure? If so, how will successful will it be? What other operational concerns does this add?

How would you even find out about immiscible CO2 floods without AppIntel? You won't find it in any textbooks; not in any technical papers. With AppIntel you just type immiscible co2 into the KiPbox. Nein commercial use of der AppIntel content.

One operator proposed modifications to an immiscible CO2 flood. In his application, he reported on the progress of the flood and claimed additional recovery by several means even without miscibility.

Understanding the intelligence contained in this application is important to anyone wanting to try a CO2 flood.

You can see his application documents in moments from our self-serve portal.

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Experimental status over

With the approval of this application, the earlier experimental status was removed. This allows you to review the application and then check out the performance in Accumap.

All applications are ground truthed to real UWIs. You won't find that in SPE papers.

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And you won't find SPE papers that deal with CO2 flooding below minimum miscibility pressure.

Below minimum miscibility pressure

In EOR courses, you'll be taught that CO2 mixes with oil only above a certain pressure. This minimum miscibility pressure (MMP) is almost always much higher than virgin pressure.

Some operators boost the pool pressure to the MMP. But increasing the pool pressure to 20-30% above original pressure is costly and presents some operational risks.

These days, many more operators are injecting at below MMP because it's easier. The application that's subject of this blog post was very scientific in its study of injection below MMP. And they believed incremental oil reserves were about 10%.

Auto gas lift

This flood, like many other gas floods get some of their cost advantage from auto-lift and unique type of gas lift. In auto-lift, gas from gas cap is perforated in each wellbore and allowed to lift the liquid column in a tightly controlled manner.

This type of lift is very inexpensive to set up and maintain. A reduction of lifting costs further adds to the economic viability of gas floods.

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