Gas Huff and Puff in the Duvernay

dandelionEvery operator is fracking shale. But what about gas huff and puff to reclaim more liquids?

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One operator is conducting an experimental huff and puff in the Duvernay to recover more liquids from his rich gas reservoir.

Check out his unusual injection pattern on page 7 of his application. Get his application documents in moments from our self serve delivery service.

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Tech transfer from the Eagleford

The operator's application documents discuss a similar attempt in the Eagle Ford and report 30-70% incremental recovery. Nein commercial use of der AppIntel content.

They talk of the enhanced mechanisms of recovery in that play.

Duvernay too tight to flood?

The Duvernay has less permeability than the Montney. Some Montney rock has high enough perm for water flooding.

Some operators are gas flooding the tight Montney.

But what if the rock is so tight that well to well communication is restricted?

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Well to well communication

Unless drilled very close together, shale wells usually have limited well to well communication.

Microseismic studies we have seen shows limited well to well communication between wells 100 m apart.

One private study by Proven Reserves Exploitation Ltd. shows Duvernay wells drilled at 250 m interwell distance fetches the highest reserve recovery per well. Wells that are closer recover significantly less reserves.

Enhanced liquid recovery

Natural gas liquids are valuable. Natural gas is less valuable. What if you could use natural gas to increase liquid recovery?

Reinjecting gas allows additional recovery of liquids.

bicycleGas Cycling of the future

Natural gas liquids are more valuable than natural gas.

And if the conserved gas becomes more valuable in the future, it can always be produced again from the very tight formation.

Increased pressure

The best shale plays are over-pressured. The over-pressured gas in the fractures can created huge initial production rates.

But as fracture pressure is depleted, gas desorption can eventually take over as the limiting rate.

Gas huff and puff has the potential to increase fracture pressure again and dissolve any liquid hydrocarbon left behind.

Salvation for normally pressured plays?

If gas huff and puff is successful at increasing pressure in depleted shale wells, could it improve recovery and economics in normally pressured reservoirs?

Someone will try it.

And if the conserved gas becomes more valuable in the future, it can always be produced again from the very tight formation.

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