Most common challenges facing SAGD

climbing a rope wallEvery SAGD operation needs a disposal well. Challenge: How do you get approval to dispose into your own SAGD zone? We've seen many operators try to get this approved.

With AppIntel, you can get newly submitted applications relevant to your operations. Just set up AppIntel hit alerts for the words SAGD disposal. When a new application that contains these keywords is submitted to the regulator, you get an instant email notifying you.

The regulator has been reticent to approve disposal into active SAGD zones. But to operators, this push/pull strategy seems the best. One operator received this approval -- her pressure data changes the way she thinks about this strategy.

Help yourself to her conclusions in her application documents through our self-serve portal.

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How do others get it approved?

Watching the applications of your competitors can help you find out how they get their approvals.

You can even read the supplemental information requests from the regulator. Be prepared for the regulator's concerns before you apply.

Find the regulator hot buttons. Read others Supplemental Information Requests.
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Why reinvent the wheel?

Whatever you want approved, it's likely you can find someone else that has already applied for it.

The easiest and quickest way to get application documents relevant to your problem is from Appintel. You can search through applications as if they were on google.

Details of others' application process are disclosed in their regulatory application documents. The regulator is a very picky adjudicator. They ask for all the technical details. You can see it all through AppIntel.

Try it out: Search just for a day.

Try it out, cheap and cheery.
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