Reducing miscible solvent bank thickness

is that a clown face in the map?AER applications contain more technical information about oil and gas technology than any other source. There are more than ten times the AER applications than there are SPE papers.

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This large miscible flood has been operating for more than 30 years. The next step in the depletion plan of this pool is to eliminate the solvent bank in some patterns. Nein commercial use of der AppIntel content.

Miscible floods improve recovery by chemical interaction of the solvent with the oil in the reservoir. Although the solvent is a mixture of propane and butane, you can think of it as if you were washing the rock with varsol.

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Solvent banks important in miscible floods

Some first contact miscible floods rely on an in-situ solvent bank to improve oil recovery. The solvent bank is established at the beginning of the flood and then moved by carefully balancing injection and production. This allows the operator to maintain the solvent bank throughout the pool. It is in this bank that the greatest oil recovery takes place.

But in some of the patterns in this flood, the bank is no longer useful -- the oil is drained. So the operator is moving the bank to other patterns where it's still needed. Sounds easy, but it takes a lot of time and patience.

Miscible floods get great recovery

This miscible flood has been perhaps simulated more times than any other pool in the province. More than a dozen reservoir engineers have been at this flood's helm. But carefully and patiently, it has produced great rewards. Some estimates of ultimate recovery are over 80% of oil in place. That's the order of magnitude of recovery you can get with miscible floods.

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Reading the applications of this flood over time provides the best possible primer to miscible flooding. Applications include the plans, the failures, the learnings, the serendipity, the seismic, the geology, the chemistry and the facilties associated with a flood of this nature. And you can find them all fast through AppIntel.

This application is about a miscible flood. However, even immiscible floods can get great recovery.

Serious reservoir engineering

This miscible flood is serious scientific reservoir work. The reserves in this pool are a big portion of the company's reserves. Pay no attention to the clown face that happened to show up in one of the contour pictures.

Each AER application contains your neighbor's perspective on the exploitation of oil and gas formations. Applications contain more details of technology than you can even find in SPE papers.

Would you like to see what other operators are thinking about miscible floods? AppIntel can help.

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