Life after WAG

ghost dogs and pumpkinMost WAG floods have failed. Long live WAG.

Without Appintel, how would you find the field trials of Water Alternating Gas injection? With AppIntel, you can search for all the Alberta WAG schemes by typing in the KiP box water alternating gas.

One operator documented a mature WAG (water-alternating-gas) injection scheme that she believes failed. She discusses relative perm effects and GOR behavior as well as impact of these on recovery. We found this information using AppIntel.

Nein commercial use of der AppIntel content.

She also discloses her net pay maps and cross sections over four townships disclosing corner shots and other opportunities.

Help yourself to her application documents from our secure check out.

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Need to get up to speed on water and gas injection?
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WAG is not new

WAG plan viewSome ideas are like a boomerang. They come back to be tried again and again. Every once in a while WAG raises it's head and operators think it is a new idea. Water alternating gas (WAG) injection has been around since the 1960’s.

Staying current with flood technology

How can you stay current with new technology advances? How can you be a quick copy of those advances? How can you avoid the failures?

Journals publish way too late. They publish only a few case studies. They often omit the technical details. They usually fail to mention the failures.

Textbooks only cover the basics. They are years behind industry advances.

But regulatory applications are published BEFORE field trials. They are the first place you can learn about new technology.

Competitive intelligence

Each AER application contains your neighbor's perspective on the exploitation of oil and gas formations. Applications contain more technical data even than SPE papers.

Would you like to see what other operators in your areas are thinking about seismic, multifractured wells, polymer schemes and recovery? AppIntel can help.

Want to quickly copy industry successes?
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