Injecting bugs in SAGD

microbesThis applicant plans on using microbes in some SAGD pad startup procedures. In the application, he discusses corrosion, formation and perforation plugging, microbe population control and several other issues.

AER applications contain more technical data even than SPE papers for two reasons: they are ground-truthed to actual UWI locations, and they are adjudicated by a very picky regulator.

Would you like to see what other operators in your areas are thinking about seismic, SAGD schemes, experimental schemes and recovery?

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It's all in the food you inject

Of course, you need to be careful which what microbes you inject into the formation. If you inject foreign microbes (that are everywhere) you disturb the balance and may not be supplying the correct food. Operators often inject biocide (bleach) to prevent microbe growth in the wellbore perforations.

But in a bug flood you can't just kill all the microbes in the injectant with biocide. If there's any trace of active biocide left in the injectant it will kill the in-situ microbes too.

Supplemental Information Requests -- illuminating discussions

The supplemental information requests (SIR) in this application are very instructive. The regulator has similar concerns to what you might have. The operator answered questions such as injectant composition and interaction with water chemistry.

SIRs document discussion and negotiation of many technical and stake holder issues. The regulator demands data and you get much more information from them.

By reading SIRs you can discover the issues the regulator considers important. From the discussion, you can see what satisfies the regulator and what type of answers don't please them.

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