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See our cheap and cheery pricing model to use AppIntel search.

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Yes. See our cheap and cheery pricing for buying just a few area alerts.

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Yes. You can buy documents per application from our blog posts.

See our cheap and cheery pricing to get an application on demand.

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  7 Jul 2015

SAGD Push/Pull Strategy?

Disposing into a producing formation

Don't blow the lid

Fracking into a neighboring well causes a blowout

Detox your waterflood

New reserves from tired old floods

Consulting the ghosts of Christmas past about their floods

Making the most of your new acquisition

Alberta operators losing $10 billion per year from unoptimized floods

How much are you losing?

Avoiding oil field technical debt

Is technical debt costing you production?

Don't battle the regulations alone

Maybe you too can sour-up your pipeline

Urgent or Important: Rejuvenating your flood

Remember flood-day

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