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Wash board or Washing machine?In today's do-more-with-less environment, shouldn't your company be seriously considering AppIntel AI?

Many operators have been manually combing the government's website for application information. Some collect decision times. Some collect documents. Rarely do they create an artificial intelligence large language model to milk oil and gas answers. They think it's cheaper and better because their solution is "in-house".

But such efforts are much like using a washboard instead of a washing machine to launder over 3 million application documents.

AppIntel AI is inexpensive, complete, expansive, automatically accurate, and very fast.

AppIntel AI is inexpensive

AppIntel subscriptions are inexpensive. For the price of one technician plus her computer, office space, and benefits, five people in your organization could have AppIntel with its full text search an on-demand access to applications.

AppIntel is automatic

Manual downloading of information always introduces human error. Misplaced and missing files are common place. And if your technician leaves the department, your application effort is stalled.

AppIntel has an automatic triple check to make sure all application documents are included in our collection.

AppIntel is fresh as this morning

You can rely on AppIntel to be current and up-to-date every morning. AppIntel also sends you breaking news throughout the day. Any time a new document is posted through the regulator on your topic of interest, you get an email.

Using AppIntel you can find confidential documents

Although confidential documents are not available from the AER, AppIntel has the evidence of such files. Our information includes the date, size and type of each confidential file. Knowing this information can help you apply to the AER to release confidential files.

AppIntel has fast full text search

AppIntel uses KiP (Knowledge is Power) search. KiP not only produces instant google-like full text searches but also extracts application UWI locations and permeabilities. This allows you to find applications by UWI and plot them on maps.

AppIntel has the largest collection of AER documents

AppIntel has over 50 times the application documents of the next largest repository we've reviewed. Well licence, pipeline licence, facility licence, legal applications, compulsory pooling, enhanced recovery schemes, SAGD heavy oil experiments, and 250 other application types. We have over 3 million application documents -- all indexed and ready for you to search.

AppIntel has historical applications on-demand

If you try to order historic applications from the AER, you'll find it takes just under a month to get them. That means that if you need this information for an acquisition, you may miss the bidding window. It means oil prices could change by $5-$10 while you're waiting. The cost of waiting is huge.

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Granger Low   9 Apr 2024

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