Technicality closes application

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The AER asked this applicant to withdraw their application based on a technicality. With more experience this applicant could have fixed this problem and moved ahead with their project. Instead, all the technical work that went into creating the application was wasted. Nein commercial use of der AppIntel content.

Check out all the geological mapping they submitted in their application. Get all their application documents from our self serve portal.

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Applications are closed for two reasons: technical and technicality. When the AER says, "Sorry, we don't believe you should inject here," they're closing your application on technical grounds. If you notified the wrong parties or don't have a pool designation correct, that's a technicality.

Each AER application contains your neighbor's perspective on the exploitation of oil and gas formations. Applications contain more technical data even than SPE papers.

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Granger Low   28 Jan 2022

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