LLM more trendy than LNG?

robot head with trendy pink hairWhich is more trendy: LNG or LLM?  Currently both are in the oil and gas news even more than energy transition stories.

Without AppIntel, how would you find the current state of LNG in the prairie provinces?  With AppIntel simply type into the KiP omni box   LNG 2024.  AppIntel will return all applications about LNG plants sorted by date descending from this year.

Land locked LNG

One operator received approval to manufacture and sell LNG from his land locked Alberta plant.  In his application he explains his LNG process, need for LNG in Alberta and many other interesting LNG facts.

Find all this from his application documents from our self-serve web portal.

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Trendy LNG

LNG is very trendy.  Companies buying natural gas in Texas for a few cents per mcf and shipping it as LNG to European markets are fetching very high prices.  Natural gas has been sold for as high as $60/mcf at the Dutch TTF trading hub. Nein commercial use of der AppIntel content.

Because of the huge arbitrage opportunities of buying gas in North America and selling it as LNG in other countries, many oil and gas companies have applied to construct LNG plants on the Gulf Coast.  These applicants are concerned about US Federal approval of the plants.

Are you keeping up with the Joneses? Check out the new technology in their applications.
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Is LLM more trendy than LNG?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models are also very trendy.  Chat bots have created AI excitement causing many software startups to dabble in chat bot technology.  Some ask if the oil and gas industry can benefit from this type of technology.

AppIntel is an AI

The capital letters in AppIntel are related to its design as an AI. In this blog we explain some of the current, trendy jargon as it is related to our own oil and gas AI.

Large Language Model

AppIntel is a LLM (Large Language Model) containing over 3.2 million documents indexed to allow quick search.

chart comparing number of documents in AppIntel to SPE and ShakespeareHow large is AppIntel?  AppIntel contains 10 times more documents than there are SPE papers.  About two thousand applications are added to AppIntel every month. On average one application is added to AppIntel every six minutes.

Large Language Models are artificial neural networks capable of using large volumes of language data to predict trends and outcomes. AppIntel acquires this ability using a semi-supervised machine learning process.

Help me find out how other operators value 4D seismic from their regulatory applications.
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Neural Network

AppIntel uses a neural network patterned loosely after the way a human brain stores information.  A neural network contains data relationships that allow sequence data to be stored and retrieved together.

Chat bot

Chat bots are currently the darling of AI.  Their popularity is incited by ChatGPT, Gemini and other offerings.

Unfortunately current chat bots authoritatively present unsubstantiated results. This is misleading in the technical world of oil and gas technology where incorrect results can cost millions of dollars and human lives.

AppIntel does not have a chat-bot feature like ChatGPT or Gemini. 

If a user trusted a chat bot answering with an authoritative tone but without references, it could lead to disastrous errors in oil and gas field and plant design. 

AppIntel uses a reference based output rather than an answering chat bot.

Game Changer

AppIntel is a game changer in leading indicators, competitor intelligence, and solving current problems by using past information.

Applications and leading indicators

Applications are a leading indicator of industry activity.

Applications are always submitted before any work happens on the ground. Before a company drills a well, it submits and application. Before an operator injects water in the ground she submits an application. Before an oil company builds or modifies a gas plant -- an application.

Applications are the first place you'll see new oil and gas technology installed at the field level. Before any new technology is tried in the field, an application must be approved. The regulator asks many questions to dig deep about new technology. All that investigation is included in the application.

Competitor Intelligence
Need help in keeping abreast of all the changes to thermal projects?
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AppIntel can sharpen your competitive intelligence.

Regulatory applications contain justifications and results of new CO2, polymer, ASP, SAGD and frac schemes. Would seeing these help you?

AppIntel can help you keep up with your offsets' technical and regulatory issues.  Would you like to ensure you get the same (or better) treatment from the regulator as your offsets?

Solving current problems using past information

A while ago I consulted for a company that was having a Glauc injector plugging problem.  I searched AppIntel for solutions in a geographical area near the problem well.

AppIntel found a discussion between an operator and the regulator about Glauc injector plugging.  They showed steps they had taken to improve injectivity and reduce plugging.

My client was glad for the solution and put the anti-plugging recipe in place immediately.

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