Watch someone's application in real time

Justin in the CaymansWouldn't it be nice to watch a competitor's application while it is processed at the regulator? Wouldn't you like an email every time there's a new request for information? Wouldn't it be handy to get an email when there's a new document uploaded?

AppIntel allows you to watch an application in real time.

And if your application is going to a hearing, you can watch it too. Documents regarding a hearing are being uploaded to the AER's site all the time. Some only stay on the site for a short time. Knowing when new uploads occur in real time can be very helpful in your preparation for the hearing.


Justin from ABC Oil and Gas Ltd. wanted to try to get the same SAGD MOP approval as his neighbor. But before he applied, he wanted to see how the regulator treated his competitor's application.

He set an AppIntel watch on his neighbor's application. When the regulator demanded more information, Justin saw it immediately. When his competitor uploaded new documents to answer the regulator's demands, he received a copy in his email inbox as soon as it was available.

Finally the competitor's application was approved. It took six months and four rounds of supplementary information requests.

Justin submitted his copy application the day after his neighbor's approval. But his application was approved in only a month and a half. Justin knew how to avoid all the pitfalls that beset his neighbor. He already knew what questions the regulator would ask.

By getting a great regulatory result quickly, he became MVP in the company.

What costs could you save by being a quick copy of a competitor's application?

Screen Shots:

Use the Application tab in AppIntel.

Enter the number identifier of the application you want to watch (See below).

Click the Report button.

The application is displayed. (See below)

Application Attach ProgressType ApplicantRegistered
1841716ViewWatchComm Amend Category2Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. 20-Oct-2015

Click on the Watch button.

Appintel will check this application several times a day.

If there is a status change or a new file uploaded, AppIntel will send you an email with a link to the new application like the one below.

From: AppIntel Orders
Sent: Oct 25
To: Your_Email_Address
Subject: AppIntel Application 1841716 Watch -- New Attachments

There are new attachments for your application of interest.
Application of interest:
1841716 | Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. | Comm Scheme Amend: Category2

Review the new
attachment document
Stop further notifications from this application of interest.
You can create new areas of interest in AppIntel.

AppIntel Regaware Technical Support Sales

Please do not respond to this email.

Cancelling an application watch

When you receive an email with a link to new attachments for your application of interest you may decide to cancel further notifications.

  1. To cancel further notifications, click on the Stop link in a notification email. Another email will be generated to cancel the notification.
  2. When your subscription expires your outstanding notification orders are cancelled.
  3. When you transfer your subscription to someone else in your domain, your outstanding notification orders are cancelled.

Will it make a difference?


Your wells are like the average thermal oil well in Alberta that produces 100 bopd.

You can buy production or sell production for $50 thousand per flowing boe per day.

(Sometimes acquisition/divestiture engineers use this as a rule of thumb.)

What value would it add to your project if you could quickly copy successes of your neighbors?

If you could add just 15% more recovery on an eight well pad, you could add over 6 million dollars in NAV.

8 wells x 100 bopd x 15% x $50 M/boepd = $6 MM

Justin took his friends to the Caymans with his bonus.*

He used AppIntel to watch his competitor's application to increase SAGD MOP.

Justin submitted his copy application the day after his neighbor's approval. His application was approved in a fraction of the time it took his neighbor to get approved.

Justin used his quick approval to increase the recovery of his SAGD operation. His very grateful employer gave him a bonus so big, he took his friends to the Cayman islands.

Want to know how the regulator is treating your offsets in real time?

Want to be prepared for the regulators concerns and questions?

Want to watch your own application through your hearing preparation phase?

Pricing for watches and alerts


*power fantasies may vary.

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