The cure for acidic bitumen - Required reading

corrosive signRussian crude has been curtailed because of acidic organic chloride content. Shipments through Belarus have been reduced significantly. How do Alberta operators deal with acidic crude?

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Diluted bitumen can be acidic enough to create corrosion problems in refineries. In order to reduce the acidity of diluted bitumen, one operator has found a different way to make pipeline spec oil. He's piloting the process in the field.

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Crude price a function of egress AND quality

Everyone's feverish about pipeline egress of dilbit from the province. But quality of crude affects price even more.

For example, today's differential to WTI is $12.61 for WCS, a heavy crude blend from Alberta. But the differential is only $5.27 for Alberta Light Sweet oil.

And nobody wants the Russian crude contaminated with acidic organic chlorides.

Check out his acidity reduction idea from his application documents

The Alberta operator describes his idea and the process involved -- you ca see all of this in his application documents.

Application documents record all the advances in facility design in the industry. They show the practical field applications that are more mature than lab experiment.

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Salesmen and trade magazines may help you understand a bit about handling crude acidity. But if you really want to understand the field application, you must find the processes in application documents. Each application is ground truthed to actual UWIs. Each application is adjudicated by a picky regulator.

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