SAGD Approval takes 4.5 years

daily average MOPHow long should an application take to be approved? AppIntel shows that new SAGD schemes take 20 months on average to approve.

But one operator took 4.5 years for approval -- more than twice as long as the average.

This long approval isn't on a particularly large project. You can see the entire application, supplemental information requests, and disposition documents in moments when you order them by clicking the blue button below labelled "Get this application now."

Considering a thermal application?
?subject=Help me get a thermal application approved quickly&body=Help me get a thermal application approved quickly. Share your experience on large applications with us.%0D%0A%0D%0AMy name_______%0D%0AMy phone________%0D%0AOr call Proven at 403 803 2500.">Contact Proven for information about how to get it approved quickly.

This application almost took the record for longest approval. Only one SAGD scheme took longer in 2003 -- it took a few days short of five years.

It's important to know how long an application will take for approval. If you need to postpone your well pad construction for two years while you await approval, it will make a big difference to your budget process and ability to raise capital.

What makes an application take longer through the approval process? Proven believes there are at least 36 reasons your application can get stuck at the regulator. We have 42 ways to ensure your application gets the smoothest approval possible.

Try it out, cheap and cheery.
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One thing you can do is read others' applications. We especially read slow applications and refused applications. These show issues that upset the regulator.

By reading closed applications, you can determine where the regulator just will not bend.

That's why we invented AppIntel. It allows you to find slow applications and download them quickly. Knowing the approval time statistics improves your cycle time.

Subscribers can view this application by pasting the following link into their browser after logging into AppIntel.

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  18 Oct 2016

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