Detox your waterflood

woman drinking waterHow do you detox a flood that has watered out? Many give up. But if you know how, this is just the start of adding more reserves.

You can't find applications that discuss water flood renewal without Appintel. It allows you to search through application documents just like Google -- but also by proximity to a UWI. Can't find that anywhere else.

One operator watered out a producer within months -- he had recovered less during a flood than on primary. Ouch.

But rather than giving up, he spent time balancing his flood pattern. In the process he discovered that directional permeability ruled his tight flood. By taking advantage of the trend, he tripled his recovery factor.

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Search through application documents just like Google

Imagine being able to search through application documents in Google. Google doesn't show application documents of course, but you can still find them through KiP, AppIntel's search engine.

In AppIntel you can find applications that discuss optimizing water floods in the Glauc. Just type into the Appintel search bar   water flood Glauc .

Directional permeability: a key to success

Directional permeability is a key factor to flood success. Many floods have been destroyed because permeability direction was ignored.

When geological factors create a favored direction of flow in the reservoir, you would be best to respect it. If you can't fight it -- nothing else will save your flood.

How do you find the permeability direction in your flood? Analyzing flood response during a pattern balance will solve the problem.

Learn more about how directional permability affects your flood. The practical aspects. The field examples.
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New reserves from old floods

Even old floods have more to give. Operators that balance their floods yearly continually add reserves on 1960 vintage floods. Some call it flood optimization. Some call it sloshing water around.

The best flood that we know of has a recovery of 75% OOIP. With careful work, old floods can continue to give for the next 40 years.

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