Jumping on the gas injection band wagon

man jumping over roadWhat to do with solution gas? Many operators are injecting it into their oil pools if it's too small to gather and sell.

Industry operators are very excited about learning from others. But they don’t want to share anything they learn with others. This means they must re-invent the wheel often.

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Without AppIntel, how would you get the field details of other operator's initiatives? AppIntel helps disseminate learnings amongst operators.

It's being tried elsewhere in the province, so this applicant is proposing to inject solution gas into their pool. They believe that they can boost their recovery factor by 50% over primary. We found this using AppIntel.

See their plans and the reasoning behind it. Get their application documents from our self serve portal.

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Injection solution gas can save some processing and transportation cost. If the plant gate value of the solution gas is small, it may be worthwhile to re-inject it. Those economics also consider compression and field distribution costs as well as the incremental oil recovery it might add. More and more operators are proposing such a scheme even though it has operational problems.

Tnet pay maphis applicant included his net pay map showing his proposes injector placement. You can also follow up and find out how it affect oil recovery.

Would you like to see what other operators in your areas are thinking about seismic, multifractured wells, polymer schemes and recovery? AppIntel can help.

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Granger Low   22 Mar 2023

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