Fracking very rarely induces earthquakes

calm stone tower by the surf“Fracking causes earthquakes” seems to be the cry of protesters around the world. Very few fossil fuel advocates are clarifying. But truly, fracking very rarely induces earthquakes.

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One operator submitted evidence that his fracking operations would likely have no impact on nearby industrial structures.

You can see an expert's opinion in the operator's application documents in moments from our self-serve portal.

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Frack Induced Earthquakes
By The Numbers

Earthquakes in Canada over the last twenty years 41,682        
Earthquakes induced by fracking same period 152        
Frack induced earthquakes that could be felt 17        
Frack induced earthquakes magnitude over 4 9        
Frack induced earthquakes magnitude over 6 0        
Richter scale magnitude causing minor property damage 6-7 ML
Richter scale magnitude toppling an unstable wine glass 4-5 ML
AER's regulation stopping a fracking operation 4.0 ML
Likelihood of being injured in a motor vehicle accident 1 in   1,585
Likelihood of a frack induced earthquake over 4.0 ML 1 in   4,631
Likelihood of being struck by lightning 1 in 15,300

Very few earthquakes are caused by fracking

The NRCan earthquake database is maintained by the Government of Canada.  It records all earthquake activity reported in Canada.  The database also denotes which earthquakes were induced by human activity including fracking.  The NRCan database is much more reliable than news reports and internet blogs about frack induced earthquakes.

We used the database to review earthquakes over the last 20 years.  Very few earthquakes were caused by fracking.  Of those, even fewer were earthquakes that could be felt by humans.

Earthquakes can also be induced by water impounded behind a dam like Bearspaw Lake, Barrier Lake in Kananaskis, and the Glenmore reservoir in Calgary.  The NRCan earthquake database has recorded 78 of this type of induced earthquake.

The AER's regulation of induced earthquakes

The AER has set stop light regulation controls to mitigate large earthquakes before they start.

They require seismic monitoring by fracking operators. If earthquakes hit 4.0 ML fracking operations are halted.

Reducing the threat of induced earthquakes

The expert’s opinion quoted in this application included many recommendations to reduce and mitigate impact on industrial structures from fracking.

Her findings included recommendations for operators as well as recommendations for other stakeholders.  Her report is required reading for all fracking operators.

Get up to speed on how other operators are mitigating frack induced earthquakes.
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