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For technical support, call (403) 803-2500 or ?subject=Technical%20support%20question&body=My question:___%0D%0A%0D%0AMy name:___%0D%0A%0D%0AMy phone:___%0D%0A%0D%0AWe aim to answer email orders within two hours.%0D%0A(If your inquiry is of a more urgent nature then please do not hesitate to call us at 403-803-2500.)">email us.

Q: Can't login to AppIntel after changing my password.

First ensure your browser is not set to delete browsing history on exit.

Second, ensure that the "change password" email from AppIntel is the most recent one ordered.

1. Ensure IE doesn't delete cookies on exit

Deleting browsing history also deletes cookies. If your browser deletes cookies every time it exits, you will need to change your password every time you login to AppIntel.

AppIntel requires the use of cookies like may other trusted websites you use. Cookies help you login securely and help prevent hackers from breaking into your account.

AppIntel only works in Internet Explorer 9 or greater.

For example, in IE 11, select Tools from the IE menu.

Then select Internet Options and select the General tab.

Make sure the option delete browsing history on exit is unchecked.

Image showing the option delete browsing history on exit is unchecked.

2. Ensure the change password email from AppIntel is the most recent.

Like many other of your trusted websites, any time a password change is requested, AppIntel sends an email to your email account. This prevents hackers from changing your password, accessing your account, and locking you out.

The password change email contains a pass-key code. The pass-key is embedded in the password change url and is changed every time you request a new password.

If you request two password changes, you will get two emails, each with a different pass-key. Only the most recent pass-key is valid. If you try to use a pass-key from a previous email you will get unpredictable results.

  7 Jul 2015

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